Ultra Whites

The Ultra White was started in 2005 in Western Australia with the mating of a selection of Poll Dorset stud ewes and White Dorper Stud rams. This composition produced a wool shedding sheep that is hardy and a good do-er. The breed has been stabilised with 75% Dorper and 25% Poll Dorset.

This breed has been develop to not only suit the pastoral areas, where the Dorper does so well, but to also perform in the medium to high rainfall area, where Poll Dorsets are at their best. Ultra Whites are very adaptable and perform well across a wide and divers range of climate and conditions.

Ultra Whites have preserved traits that not only met the needs of the producer and processor but also the market and consumers around the world.

  • High milking ability from the Dorset
  • Strong maternal instinct from both breeds
  • Ability to breed all year around
  • Sufficient fat covering in the ewes
  • Good muscling, lean meat yielding and eating quality

Bulmar has set key breeding objectives.

  • Sound body structure
  • Strong feet and legs
  • Estimated Breeding Values – Good balance of growth, muscle and fat
  • Good shedding
  • Year round breeding
  • High fertility
  • Moderate birth weight
  • High milk production
  • Longevity
  • Durability

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